Here’s my update from the road… In December, I left for Laos to go volunteer on Mr. T’s Organic Farm that we sponsor through WookieFoot Charities. I had no idea what I was going to be doing or what I was in for. Teaching  English at Phoudideng village in Laos was so rewarding and made my journey to Laos the trip of a lifetime. Mr. T. (who also provides transportation for 60 children who otherwise would not be able to attend school) set up the English class for the kids of the three different ethnic groups of PDD village. This not only brings these groups closer together but also allows them get in touch with volunteers from all over the world. Every night after class, I would get bombarded with 60 children running at me all wanting to shake my hand and say “thank you teacher, thank you teacher”.  And then they would want to know if I was coming back the next day and the next day. The children were so friendly and eager to learn. They wanted to speak English because they know it might be their only chance to get a better education. When I was brought into their homes I was shocked by how little they had and yet how happy they were. They sleep in a one room shacks on the floor, and nobody has indoor plumbing or electricity… but they would have given me the shirt off their backs!
The children of Mr. T’s community (or should I say “his” children) are not the only aspect that Mr. T is focusing on. It is amazing how creative and innovative he is in order to preserve the natural environment, provide jobs for the villagers, and raises the standard of living for the entire the community. Building houses out of mud bricks to save trees from being cut, and providing an organic seed bank for local farmers to reduce the need of importing fruits and veggies are just a few of the examples of his brilliance. Mr. T has fought in the war, lived in caves for 5 years, has 18 legally adopted children, and started this organic farm with just the seed of a thought in his brain. He has turned it into a chance for others to come bask in his wisdom while making the world a better place for the children. Mr. T is a hero to many in the community, and he is now my new hero as well. He makes my everyday trivial hardships feel pointless, because what he IS DOING really makes a difference in this world. I have seen first hand at how much he has accomplished with so little money and the ideas that he has manifested with nothing. Being the most humble man I have ever met, I will always cherish my experience in Laos.
To know more about Mr. T’s Organic Farm and what you can do to help, CLICK HERE…