Donate to Download “We Are Water”

by Tubby Love, Amber Lily, Elijah Ray, Chris Berry, Murray Kyle, Franko Heke

100% of your donations will go to the IDEP Water Protection Program, matched by Be The Change  up to $3,500.  (Minimum Donation is $2, but feel free to give what you can!)  The song download link will be emailed to you.


This song and video is inspired by Bali, the “Island of the Gods”, and the local water crisis.

Resting in Bali, we realized WE are part of the problem! 65% of fresh water is consumed by tourism. Aquifers are being drained at a rate that rainfall can’t replenish. Local wells are coming up dry, as hotels dig deep with greater equipment. Salt water is entering the ground water around the coast, making it non-consumable.

Local people have solutions!

IDEP, an organization of mainly Balinese, and their Water Protection Program plan to build 136 recharge wells, educate locals and visitors, and empower children to care for rivers.  Please visit the BALI WATER PROTECTION website to learn more.

They need support!

You decide how much to pay to purchase this song, and all the money will be sent to IDEP. For the first $3,500 donated, Be the Change Charity will match it, so it will be your donation x2!

Bali gives to all who come, So generously, and this is our chance to give back.

Special thanks for the video footage: Unify, Uplift Connect, Conservation International, StiL Focus Media (Shaunti Lallyiam)